Watermelon pickles

from karen a.’s book, Underwood, MN


Peel and cut rind in cubes: sprinkle with 1/4 cup salt and enough cold water to cover. Let stand several hours or overnight. Drain. Cook until tender in the following syrup:
3 cups water 1 cup vinegar drain thoroughly. put cooked cubes into a syrup made from 2 cups sugar 2 cups water and 2 cups vinegar.
bring all to a boil and set aside overnight. In the morning, drain off syrup and add to it 4 more cups sugar and 3 drops oil of cinnamon and 2 drops oil of cloves. Add cubes and bring to a boil, Pour into a crock and let stand overnight. Drain. Scald syrup and pour over cubes for 3 successive mornings. Seal in sterrilized jars.

Submitted by: karen a

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