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I included this section because I found so many interesting things on the internet when I was researching and building my site that I wanted to share them with you.
The 4 sections are:
1. Standard Measurements
2. A recipe resource list plus interesting/unusual food related sites
3. Free Stuff (without a lot of strings attached)
4. Personalized things that relate to food

Standard Measurements

Click here for a Standard Cooking Measurements Page that you can cut and paste into your cookbook if you like.

A recipe resource list plus interesting/unusual food related sites

Cookbook consulting

Norene Gilletz, cookbook author and culinary consultant, can be the editor or consultant for your cookbook project. For more information, visit her website at

Sweet Potato Chronicles

Follow these two moms and former execs on the never ending search for family friendly, healthy recipes.

Sweet Paul

Looking for some serious food inspiration? Look no further than this American food stylist turned food guru. Full of beautiful photos and great entertaining ideas.


Serious recipe inspiration for the foodie in you.


My former employer, and one of the best places I know to find easy, approachable, doable and delicious recipes!

Quick Easy Recipes From Gramma Cookie’s Kitchen

A collection of old family favorite recipes including some of the best recipes from visitors of Gramma Cookie’s Kitchen.


This site calls itself “The World’s Greatest Recipe Collection”


The recipes into two major groups – recipes primarily identified with an ethnic cuisine are broken down by region and ethnic group, while other recipes are categorized by the type of dish.


A great resource for food events and resources in souther ontario

Culinary articles; food history, facts & trivia; cooking tips; food quotes; who’s who; ancient, classic & modern recipes; cooking humor; food poems; crossword puzzles; food art & food posters; weekly newsletter.

Interesting and Unusual Food related Sites

Simply WONDERFUL family aprons

Let Culture Preservation Technicians capture the essence of your special gatherings with a special heritage apron that celebrates family, food and fellowship.

A desire to bring back some childhood memories of grandparents now gone is the inspiration behind this site. Learn how to plant and harvest a rhubarb garden. Create a wide variety of wonderful dishes with your produce as well.

“Free Stuff” Resource List

Here’s a list of free Stuff (without a Lot of Strings Attached). They aren’t really relevant to cooking, but we love them anyway.

Download a free family tree

Fill it out, and then scan it and include it in your cookbook.

A site featuring quotations from literature. These quotes are great for invitations, cards, signature lines, scrapbooking and cookbooks.

If you love scrapbooking, this is the place for supplies! There are many free samples of their scrap-booking sets and they also have lots and lots of scrapbook ideas …..

Savvy Homemade

Create fantastic homemade things and stop throwing away your hard earned cash, take a look at how to make your own things and beat that Credit Crisis! All you need is a helping hand and a great collection of home made ideas.

Resource List

If you would like to suggest a favorite of your own, please tell me about it by e-mailing me at

Learn to transform ordinary fabric into unbelievable photographic quilted art! This is not photo transfer and it is really easy to do. You must see it to believe it!

You can order chocolates from this company and put ask them to put your picture on the cover of the box! Great gift.

If you would like to leave feedback, here’s a place to do it!

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