How it works

Start today! It’s as easy as apple pie!

Step 1

You become a trial member — This takes about 2 minutes. 
Your free membership entitles you to everything HeritageCookbook has to offer for 30 days: all the support you need, access to our templates and photo library. (Most people get their books done within that time period!)

Step 2

You choose the type of book binding that works best for you, and pick a design. Then invite as many people as you wish to work with you – for no extra cost. 
We send them an invitation on your behalf via email. Everyone can work at the same time 
from their own computer.
Entering a recipe is as simple as filling in the little boxes 
on an order form. 
Add photos to your book and choose how you want them laid out on the page. Add stories and captions too!
We sort and index your recipes as you enter them into categories you’ve created, and we even generate a table of contents.

Step 3

NOW your cookbook is ready to print. When you have finished entering the recipes, stories and photos, you push ORDER. Cookbooks print in 10-15 business days, and take about a week to ship via FedEx.


You can have as many black-and-white personal pages or photos as you like or make it fancy and add color photos throughout your book. And everything is printed on the very-best-quality glossy paper.

You can create custom covers and dividers (at no extra cost), or choose from one of our professionally designed beautiful customizable templates. All our covers are laminated, too, so your treasured book is sure to last.


Choose from 4 beautiful bindings

  • Coil bindingThe 6×9 plastic coil. Our bestseller! Laminated front and back covers. Lies perfectly flat on the counter, so you can really cook from it!
  • small wireThe 6×9 wire-bound. This book has a laminated wrap-around cover for a pro look that lies flat on the counter.
  • small soft coverThe 7×10 softcover. Our newest addition! Larger size at a budget-friendly price. (Note: works best in the kitchen with a cookbook holder.)
  • small hardThe 7×10 hard cover. Our deluxe book, with a glossy hard front and back cover. Perfect for a treasured family book, works best with a cookbook holder.

Try our price calculator

Don’t see what you like? Contact me at to talk about other binding options! I’m always happy to work with you to meet your needs.

How many do you want to print?

Just four – or thousands? 
The website has 
a minimum order of just four books. And we pass along bulk pricing – the more books you order, the less each book costs.

How long will they take to print?

Your books are 
printed in 10 – 15 business days and shipped in a week via FedEx.

Need to re-order your bestseller?

No problem! Re-order your books at any time (no need to upgrade your membership for that). Even if you noticed a typo and need to re-print, we will re-open your membership for free so you can fix that mistake!


The quality is excellent and the pictures turned out great. SO SO pleased with the cookbook.
Ranae R., Texas

I sure appreciate and admire how quickly you email your customers back. I give your website and customer service an A+!
Donna P, Texas