What people say

Below are some of the wonderful unsolicited messages we receive from our members.

Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I love the cookbooks. I was so excited when the box arrived (…) I kept one for myself and then gave the others to my mother, mother-in-law, daughter, and son. I should have ordered more but I didn’t think it would be so popular! lol!
Theresa S. March 2021

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the cookbook for [our] Church- Meals n More program. We’ve had such excellent responses to the sale of these books as our fundraiser. The quality is excellent and the feedback phenomenal! Thanks for such a quick turn around and the support you gave through the process. We love them.
Lana L. Jan 2021

I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that the cookbooks made through your company were a HUGE HIT!
I compiled it during the Covid shutdown in March/ April. Because of closed borders, we couldn’t have our family get together, so I saved them till Christmas 2020.
Not only are the pages filled with family pictures, but memories of times spent together in the busiest place in our family home… the kitchen!
They all said it was the best gift they’ve ever received! We’ve already ordered more for other family members!
Thank you for your part in making it beautiful… and doing it in record time, even in the middle of a pandemic!
I’ll certainly be passing your company on to others!
Mary W. Jan 2021

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for making the process of producing this cookbook so simple and enjoyable. I was very impressed by your responses to questions we raised as we worked on the project. You made it SO easy for us. In the near future, we will be ordering more of the cookbooks for my mother to give to various extended family members and a special neighbor of hers. We highly recommend Heritage Cookbooks to anyone looking to pursue this enjoyable activity.
Nancy O. Jan 2021

I wanted to let you know that my cookbooks arrived on Saturday. I cried! They were tears of joy! It was wonderful to see all of our family memories and recipes in a beautiful collection. Now that all of our parents have passed away, it made them feel present once again. They felt alive through the gift of the recipes they shared and the treasured memories we have of them. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done to make putting together a family cookbook possible. I can hardly wait to surprise my family with their very special gifts this Christmas!
Lucy D.

Thank you – I’m so glad I landed on your web page. With so many “make your own cookbook” sites out there, it’s a miracle I found just the right one for me. Easier than I would have imagined, straightforward, and the end result is fabulous!
Susan G., CA

I got my order today, and I cannot say enough nice things about them. Truly, they are wonderful! I love the format, and the paper is such great quality too. I love how it lays out flat on the counter! Truly amazing.

Thanks for being so willing to help and answer questions.
Annette B.,UT

I received my order of cookbooks and I want to write to say how pleased we are with them! The whole project was so easy to do online, the time that I ordered them to the time I received them was awesome and the final product quality is outstanding.
Thank you so very much! I will definitely recommend Heritage Cookbook!
Elaine K., MN

I ended up using the Heritage Cookbook site and I absolutely recommend it if you are looking to make a cookbook for your family, church or school.
Peg T., Centennial, CO

I absolutely love my cookbooks! My family reunion is this Saturday and I know the whole family is going to enjoy seeing them. I just hope they don’t fight over the few I had printed ;)
Patricia L., AZ

I sure appreciate and admire how quickly you email your customers back. I give your website and customer service an A+! You are so helpful and gracious in all of your notes back to me. I feel like we are old friends!
Donna P., TX

I made several cookbooks thru your website and was very happy with the result and the ease of publication.
Nancy D., WI

What a huge hit the cookbook was with my family! I come from a large family. When they saw it, some even cried! My mother was beyond belief that so many family recipes were in it.
Thank you so much for letting me bring so much happiness to my family!

I received my cookbooks last week. They look fabulous!!!!!! Thank you. I love the quality of printing. Very professional looking.
Sally M., MI

150 cookbooks arrived today, 3 weeks after I ordered them. They are gorgeous!
Thank you for your website and all that you do to assist people in creating something wonderful!
Please pass my thanks along to the wonderful people at Hume Imaging! They do an outstanding job in their printing!
Thank you again.
Lois P., UT

I am such a fan of your company that I take my cookbook to work with me to show it to co-workers

My husband’s family is rather large and have re-located all over the U.S. (from Dallas to New York to Oregon and California). Home base is the Dallas area. Everyone has strong ties to “home” and to the family matriarch, my mother-in-law. We all knew she was in poor health and that we wanted to get family recipes written down before we lost her. Thankfully, the recipes were collected and compiled in our cookbook before she left us. She was so excited to be a part of the cookbook and enjoyed looking at the pictures we collected and all the memories they stirred up. Thank you for giving us such an easy way to bring the family together from all parts of the US to work on a joint project such as this.
Janet F and the entire family

Just taking a moment to say how thankful I am for your web site and the opportunity to give my girls a personal Christmas gift!
Mary L., MN

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful tips you have for fundraising! I didn’t know I would find such useful information and tips on how to create a cookbook specifically for a fundraiser!

I have never worked with anyone that has given such great and personalized customer service! You truly have a gift.

I received my order last week. My cookbooks turned out great!! I made it as a wedding gift for my sister. As soon as she got it she sat there and looked through every page and I could see the happiness on her face! Thank you for making it so easy to make my own cookbook! I look forward to making another one in the near future it was so much fun!
Kanda M.,WI

I just opened the cookbooks moments ago. I can’t believe my eyes! They are so much nicer than I thought they would be! The spiral binding is far superior to anything I’ve seen. The paper is really nice quality. The cover is heavy and the pictures turned out really nice. Both color and black and white. This is a very substantial, high quality book that I will be proud to give to my family, to be passed on for generations. This project was just the beginning of my research on my family tree. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to write this book. Without you and your program I could not have done it. My sincere heartfelt thanks to you!
Cindy S., NC

The quality is excellent and the pictures turned out great. SO SO pleased with the cookbook.
Ranae R., TX

First, the books look amazing! I can’t say enough about the quality of the printing, paper, binding and the overall look. We strived to create both a useable recipe book and a heirloom history-type document and I think we’ve succeeded, thanks to your company.
Sara C., AB

Thank you for your responsiveness and helpfulness. If you had not sent me the sample cookbook, I probably would have been too nervous to buy online sight unseen. From the first email I sent you, you were super helpful and I appreciate that. I will definitely use your company again.
Sara C., AB

I’ve been telling everyone about how great the site is, looks like you may be getting a few family and church cook books in the near future.
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed using your website to create a cook book honoring my grandmother. Unfortunately she passed away the day we got the book, so she never got to see it, but that made the book even more valuable to my family, now all of us have copies of her recipes. My Grandfather was very very touched, it’s been an incredibly difficult time for him, losing his wife of 67 years, and I was so glad to see the book bring a smile to his face. He loves it so much he’s taking orders and we’re planning to do a second print now. You really helped us create something special to remember a very special woman. I can’t thank you enough.
Jill S., PA

I’ve received rave reviews on my cookbook from my children and grandchildren in Virginia, Las Vegas, Wyoming, Minnesota, and North Dakota, as well as close friends here in Fargo. I was so excited when the truck delivered my copies, but wanted to wait to hear comments before writing you. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I worried so much about how the finished product would look, especially the photos, but I couldn’t be more pleased.
Judy T., ND

I chose your company because Rachael Ray and Oprah (two of my favorite people) recommended you. I now join them in recommending you to anyone thinking about writing a cookbook.
Judy T., ND

I received my wonderful cookbooks Monday. I am so pleased with them!! Our family reunion is Saturday and I was so glad to be able to take the finished product with me. I appreciate the fast, personal service that I received from you and your company. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! I have already recommended you to several of my friends and I will continue to do so.
Kathy L., AZ

I just wanted to let you know how much my family loved the cookbooks I gave them for Christmas. They had great fun going through the photos and stories and reminiscing. It was so cool to watch my great aunt notice her own handwriting on one page where I had scanned a recipe card! Very cool!
I’ve highly recommended your company to several others and will continue to do so. Your software was amazing and the finished product was beautiful.

I was thrilled the day I opened my family cookbook! I have shared them with my daughters and other family members and friends – each one was so happy and surprised to receive the cookbook. No one knew I was even working on it. The book was easy and fun to write with the help of your website. I truly enjoyed collecting the recipes I wanted to use for the cookbook as each recipe brought back wonderful memories of family and friends. It was truly a labor of love! I mailed one of the books to my sister in the UK this morning and had to declare the “value” of the package for customs – I wanted to write “priceless” as that is its value to me! I am so pleased with the process and book – I am sure there will be a second volume in my future. Thanks!
Jane S., MI

Working with you and Kourtney was an absolute pleasure and your flexibility, attention to detail, and courtesy are greatly appreciated!
Mara W., NM

I just started a new business (a CrossFit gym) along with three other people and one of my goals is to be as responsive, welcoming and helpful has you and your company are.
Thanks being a great role model.
Donna D., NJ

I want to thank you for the HeritageCookbook.com. Opening that box and pulling out one of the finished books was truly a culminating experience of the many hours I had worked on it. The quality of the books are really outstanding. The pictures and coloring of them printed beautifully. I could not be happier with the cookbook.
Thank you again for making this project possible. You will never know how many lives have been touched.
Nancy W., MN

Here is my story . . .
My Mom died in October 2011 at the age of 91. About 5 months later my siblings and I were going through her household belongings. Her recipes were one of those items that no one wanted to part with but no one wanted to take home. I knew I already had a lot of her recipes but I ended up taking them. Then it dawned on me that I could put together a cookbook as a Christmas gift for my 2 brothers and sister along with a few other people who I thought would enjoy having it. I was excited so started writing. Well the book grew and grew and grew as I added pictures and stories of my Mom’s life. It truly became a journey of our lives. Many of the recipes were from my childhood; some were holiday traditions or came from my mother’s childhood or were associated with various events in our lives. My brother in St. Louis called it a “real gem”; my sister in Chicago, my brother from Des Moines, Iowa and my 20 year old son opened their copies 2 days ago. All of them sat down to read it right away and were really surprised and excited to receive it. I shared a copy with an Aunt in Kansas City who grew up with my Mom . . . her family may want to place an order to have their own copies. Some childhood friends of mine looked at it and said it made them laugh, smile and even shed a few tears. One of my friends said she started reading it and didn’t put it down until her dog rudely interrupted her on page 126! One of my friends said she was inspired to write a cookbook of her mom’s recipes in the next year (of course I shared your website with her).
Nancy W., MN

We absolutely love the cookbooks! The final printing and photos were excellent quality, and I just wanted to thank you for making this cookbook possible.
Janice S., TX

Thanks so much for the help that you extended to me this past summer!
Barbara E., SC

I received my cookbooks a few days ago and words can never express how happy I am with them. My husband said when he started looking at one, tears came in his eyes. This made me happy.
Very, Very Pleased,
Nancy I., PA

You cannot imagine how pleased my family and friends were. You did a wonderful job. I couldn’t have given anyone a more treasured gift. Thank you so much.
Lillian S., TX

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
The books are wonderful. The clarity of the pictures is wonderful. The layout turned out great. Everybody that sees them is in awe.
My mother gave them to her grandchildren and each one almost cried. They were so amazed. I knew I could not take the credit for it all because without your wonderful website it would not have turned out so well. My Mother and I could not have been happier with the final product.
Thank You again.
Beth V, WV

Thank you for the excellent service! I have been sharing with friends and co-workers how easy your website is and the cookbooks turned out wonderful. And for an incredibly reasonable price. Merry Christmas!
Julie C., IL

… and I have to say I am quite pleasantly surprised. They turned out great. Your website and program is easy and I’m so proud to be able to do this for our very odd blended family ☺.
I thought it would be a cool idea for a Christmas gift because we are a bit unique (but doesn’t every family feel the same way?). I met my husband in 7th grade. We were not close friends or even dated through high school or college. We both married other people, then 15 years after high school graduation, we re-met by chance. Brad had 5 sons from his first marriage, I had 1 daughter from mine. We combined, and added our son to the mix two years later. So – 7 children, instant family.
16 years ago Brad and I, along with my daughter and our son, all moved to the Fiji Islands. My daughter and son both graduated from High School there, and Brad and I lived there until 2 years ago, when we moved to California. We still have a home in Fiji, and we own a resort – so we really have two homes – Fiji and California – and we travel between.
With the kids in California, Texas, Seattle, and Germany, we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like, so this cookbook was a labor of love to connect the family in the way that my Italian heritage has always done – with food. And since our children have wonderful spouses/fiancés who add to our cultural mix, I thought it would be great to collect recipes not only from Brad and my ancestors, but from the extended families as well. So the cookbook is a compilation of not only recipes from our heritage, but from our travels through the South Pacific.
So, that’s where the cookbook will land … and also one will sit proudly in the library of our resort in Fiji. It’s going to be quite a global little book!
I plan on doing a Fijian cookbook as well – I’ve got the bug! Thank you – I’m so glad I landed on your web page. With so many “make your own cookbook” sites out there, it’s a miracle I found just the right one for me. Easier than I would have imagined, straightforward, and the end result is fabulous! VINAKA VAKA LEVU as they say in Fiji – thank you very much!
Susan G, 
Marketing Director/Owner Lalati Resort Fiji

I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I LOVE our cookbooks. My mom, aunts, cousins, in-laws and I cannot believe how beautiful, personal and professional they are. What a wonderful keepsake.
I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the format as I was putting the book together. I had looked at a lot of sites and found yours to be the most reasonable and easiest to use. I also liked that there was not a limit on the number of recipes. I never had the need to contact you with any major questions about the book (other than a shipping question) but always felt that you were accessible if needed.
Once again, thank you for this beautiful book. I will cherish it.
Happy Holidays!
Rebecca U., MA