How to Choose Binding for Your Custom Cookbook

Although some people are content with leaving their cookbooks in the cloud by opting for digital-only creations, many people are looking to create physical cookbooks. The feeling of decades of family or community recipes sitting in your hands is priceless. Of course, this aspect of printing your own cookbook requires additional steps and considerations, but Heritage Cookbook is here to help.

Choosing the right binding is a key step on the journey towards making your own cookbook binder or book. The binding literally holds the book together, and its structure affects the book’s durability, weight, and how easy it is to handle and use. Your cookbook will also look different depending on which binding you choose.

Balancing all these factors is very important, so we’re today here to help guide your decision.

The Best Bindings for Printing Your Own Cookbook

At Heritage Cookbook, we offer six different bindings to choose from. Prices for printing and shipping vary depending on the length of your book, but you can use our handy price calculator to figure out a rough estimate for how much it will cost to print your own cookbook.

1. Binders

Binders offer lots of freedom and flexibility for you to add and remove recipes, even after your cookbook is printed. Every binder-bound book will ship with your recipes inside a 3-ring binder, which has been professionally printed with your cover design. Anyone who wants the freedom to add recipes and pages later will love our binder option.

2. Plastic Coil

Choosing plastic coil binding for your cookbook is a great option. It’s one of our lightest and most flexible bindings, and it will always lay flat on your countertop, making it easy to read. It comes with laminated front and back covers, which you can design with your own cover design, or choose one of our beautiful professional designs.

3. Wirobound

Our wirobound binding is a light and flexible option, made with metal coil binding and a laminated wraparound cover. This binding makes your cookbook look professional but still gives it the ability to lay flat on your kitchen countertop.

4. Hardcover Wire

Our hardcover wire binding offers the opportunity to create a cookbook that really stands out. After you’ve ordered your cookbook, your front and back cover images will be printed on high-quality hardcovers, which are then bound with rigid hard wire. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds – rigid, durable hardcovers with flexible wires that lay perfectly flat while you’re cooking.

5. Softcover

Our larger bound books are 7” by 10”, and are available in both hardcover and softcover options. The softcover book is great if you want a larger, fully bound book, but are looking for a lighter, more flexible, affordable option. Our softcover cookbook is beautifully printed in black and white or color on glossy paper.

6. Hardcover

The most durable option we have available is the stunning hardcover cookbook binding. It’s the perfect way to save a lifetime of treasured memories and is sturdy enough to be passed down for generations. It works best with a cookbook holder in your kitchen but looks perfectly at home on your bookshelves once the meal is done.

Visit Heritage Cookbook To Build Your Perfect Cookbook

Whether you want to make your own cookbook binder or book, there are plenty of options available at Heritage Cookbook. Our simple, collaborative process and reasonable pricing make it easy to design every aspect of your cookbook, then send it to our printers so you can have it in your hands a few weeks later.

Want to learn more about how our process works? Get in touch today to explore the resources on our website, or sign up for your own membership so you can get started on your next cookbook project today.

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