8 Templates to Help You Create a Cookbook

It’s been said that “good artists copy, great artists steal”. Well, when it comes to formatting a cookbook, there’s no shame in using template ideas or even a pre-existing template to help you structure your own.

At Heritage Cookbook, our mission is to make the creation of beautiful cookbooks for friends or family easy. Our service includes dozens of artistic and professional templates for any occasion, along with the ability to upload food or family photos to include on the cover and recipe pages. All templates include a table of contents, section title pages, and an optional index at the back, and can be printed as a softcover or hardcover with several binding options.

Your new cookbook is sure to impress everyone who’s looking up how to whip up Grandma’s butternut squash soup or your patented recipe for Swedish meatballs. Take a look at just a handful of the eye-catching templates we offer you to create a cookbook everyone is sure to cherish.


This classic template featuring animal silhouettes is great for a well-rounded family cookbook with recipes to create a massive holiday feast. Be sure to include a photo of your family or a signature dish on the cover!


Our chalkboard template conjures up the feeling of reading the specials on the signboard of your favorite restaurant. This is a great look for anyone creating a cookbook around a theme such as the food you would find in a Parisian restaurant or an authentic Southern BBQ joint.


A great look for a cookbook of grandma’s recipes. Along with photos of her classic dishes, you can add plenty of family photos and stories to add color to your book that future generations are sure to cherish.


This colorful cookbook design is perfect for a baking or dessert-specific cookbook. Pack this recipe book template full of tasty, sweet recipes that are sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.


This festive template featuring winter snowflakes is one of our holiday-themed designs. Whether you’re making a book of Christmas recipes or giving a recipe book as a holiday gift, this template is sure to usher in the holiday spirit. We also have a green and blue variation as well!

Stars and Stripes

The ‘ol red, white and blue, stars and stripes. This template is perfect for a cookbook of classic American recipes to give away at a 4th of July BBQ.


Looking for something a little fun and tropical? This pineapple template is a great choice for those whose aesthetic is a little bit funky (and also makes a great fit for a cocktail recipe book).


Our rooster theme is great for a rural or country cookbook chock full of family classics or BBQ-themed recipes. The watercolor aesthetic also lends itself well to a diner-menu feel for a cookbook full of greasy spoon classics.

Create Your New Family Treasure Today

Feeling inspired by the designs above? Start a free membership with Heritage Cookbook and choose from many different templates to create your new family treasure or a unique gift for your friends.

To learn more about how to create your own Heritage Cookbook, watch the video below. Then when you’re ready, click here to get started!

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