A crafters dream

I’m sure we’ve all noticed the bombardment of ads on Instagram. And most of them are for shoddy products and knockoffs – I know, I’ve made the mistake of buying clothing off of Instagram only to receive, a mere 6-8 weeks later, some poorly made polyester number with incomprehensible sizing and threads that still need to be trimmed! lol! Serves me right for throwing away $9.99 on something that clearly should have cost hundreds!
Today an Instagram pop up caught my attention for a product that looks AMAZING! It’s a 38″x24″ closet that unfolds to become the ultimate crating corner/storage unit.
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 1.03.28 PM
Here’s the catch. It’s being sold for $169 from a shady company with a suspicious URL. So I did a little digging.
The real unit comes from a company called https://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com/. It’s the brainchild of life long crafter Yvonne Hubert. It’s an American company, owned by a female entrepreneur. So for anyone looking to de-clutter and tidy up this year, I beg you, support the original company and this amazing business woman and save up for the real deal. They even do financing.
Happy crafting!
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 1.08.22 PM

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