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2019 is going to be a big year! I’m working hard with my IT team to launch a new and improved version of HeritageCookbook, with more features, more images, more flexibility and more products. I have lots and lots of ideas (did I mention I’m a creative-type?! ideas are never lacking), but what I want, are your ideas.
Drop me a line at virginie@heritagecookbook.com, or post a comment on this thread, or even on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HeritageCookbookcom-131351536988113/ with the title “My big ideas” and let me know your thoughts on any of these:
1. What types of book bindings would you like to see
2. Do you use our image library?
3. Would it be helpful to have recipes you could add to your books?
4. Do you want more templates to choose from?
5. Do you want more layout options?
6. Is there anything else?
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

8 thoughts on “We Want To Hear From You

  1. Gail Marie

    I have used Heritage Cookbook three different times since 2015 to produce/print my Cookbooks. I love them and I am sooooo proud of the way they turned out each time.
    I would like to have the option to change the font and font size for the recipes. I’ve had some people tell me the font is too small.
    I’ve used your templates and I’ve used my own photos in the past. You have a nice assortment to choose from.

  2. Becky S Abba

    Virginie, I have used your website to write 2 cookbooks and the following are my suggestions.
    1. Yes, add more photo’s of FOOD. One of my biggest frustrations has been finding photos of variety of food. As I was creating my second cookbook I am using recipes of mine that I have had and used most of my life but what I could not do in the short amount of time to create the book is cook EVERY recipe just to get a picture. Not to say you should have a picture of every dish but if you could just add to some or have available generic pictures such as; mushrooms, tomatoes, cake batter etc., things you could use but may only point out a major ingredient rather then the end result.

    2. create a way to add a sub-category within a category. Example: Main Category is “Main Course”, sub-category “side dishes” that will sort your side dishes together. Right now you have to have a whole new category. Another example is: main category is “Soups, Stews, and Chilies” but within that category I want soups together, stews together and chilies together.

    3. Finally; I understand that your website is used mostly by “non professional” cooks that can not sell their books to a regular publisher because that publisher wants proof of sale of your book. From the research I have done, I found no other way to publish my cookbooks because of that (I am not a known chef) however, I have a huge interest from people in my community to purchase my first cookbook because of not only the family history but because of what part in history my family had to community. However, I can not sale my books because your prices to print and ship my books out price’s a normal retail value. As an example; my cookbook was 200 pages and the cost per book is $48 which of almost have of that is the cost of shipping 4 books (goes up if you order more books at a time). I am someone who would like to write more cookbooks but If I can not sale them it is not worth my time. I see in your costs that Shipping is almost half the cost of Printing. Even if you order bulk the price varies very little because of the shipping. So, I am assuming you are not going to change so if I put any more books out in the future I will shop for a different publisher for costs. However, I have liked your website and will only recommend using it for people who want to create cookbooks as gifts to family or friends. Oh, your introduction page should be updated to indicate that the average price per book is not $19 a book but more like $30 a book when you add the extra cost for any colored pages or photos, cost of each photo (regardless if it is colored or not) and shipping, out of fairness to your customers these expenses should be explained clearly ahead of them choosing to use you.

    1. Virginie Martocq Post author

      Thank you Beck. Some of these things will be addressed with our new version. I’m working on having a place for people to order books from our website that would act as a sort of bookstore for people like yourself who wish to sell directly to their customers!

  3. Christine Mecham

    I really enjoyed making my first cookbook. I am getting ready to start book two. I like everything about the cookbooks but I would like more layouts.

  4. Jill

    Loved the experience of creating our family cookbook. Truly wished there was an easy way to add in fractions for measurements vs cut and paste from a separate document.


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